Shock Doctor

Company on a Mission

Shock Doctor Incorporated is the world leader in sports protection equipment, a company that is leading the charge in innovation and design on a global scale. The company produces products that are some of the very best on the market today. Shock Doctor is the pioneer in mouthguard and athletic protection technology. As a company Shock Doctor believes that it has a duty to combine both their revolutionary technology and their innovative design in order to produce superior products. They simply believes in combining design and technology to achieve better protection and performance. Shock Doctor produces products that are trusted by some of the best athletes in all types of sports that require the use of protective gear. Shock Doctor is a sporting and athletic goods manufacturer, the company name describes precisely what technology every single one of their products have behind them: shock absorption.

Leading Edge

From the very beginning, those who work each and every day to produce quality products at Shock Doctor saw the opportunity to redefine the conventional protective gear. After several years of unprecedented success in the industry, Shock Doctor now creates products that have been forged with the same passion that the athletes who use such items posses for their own sport.
They have also applied the same integrity to the design and manufacture of their sports therapy range, which is unmatched in quality, design and function. With a full sports therapy range to help support and protect; Shock Doctor enable you to stay in the game longer.


From Professional Athlete to Weekend Sports Star

Shock Doctor equipment does not discriminate! Whether you are an elite sports star or a junior teammate at the local sports club, the Shock Doctor gear is ready-made for every level of protection your sports passion requires.