Sports Technology

we give technology more bite

Since being awarded our first mouthguard patent in 1992, Shock Doctor has never stopped innovating the science of mouthguard technology. Today, Shock Doctor mouthguards feature state of the art multi-layer technology and advanced custom gel fitting all in lighter weight and lower profile designs.

mouthguard technology

reinventing sports medicine.

We've reinvented sports medicine to create Performance Sports Therapy, a new level of detail in design, function and fit using advance materials and technologies to give athletes and active people a pro-active solution to injury prevention and recovery.

pst technology

lightweight & breathable protective
that moves with you.

When we created ShockSkin™, we had high perfomance and protection in mind. We made it lightweight and low profile with body contouring protective zones. Each padded zone has anatomical fit and flex to allow for absolute freedom of movement. It's a technology so revolutionary we patented it.

shockskin technology

total freedom of movement.

A natural extension of the body, Motion 360 technology features variable stretch mesh in all critical areas of the body need unrestricted movement. Motion 360 gives athletes unobstructed range of arm and leg movement and a full 360° of unrestricted torsional movement for maximum comfort and performance at the highest level.

reducing the wear and tear
that breaks down a player

AirFlow multidimensional Shock Doctor cooling design and technology is featured in all our Motion 360, Velocity ShockSkin apparel items. with breathable mesh fabric and protective pads with direct venting and air channels, AirFlow allows air to move efficiently across the surface of the skin. The result is increased heat dispersion, cooling and comfort

the ultimate in fit, comfort & protection.

Our exclusive internal cup and brief retention system allows the short to move independently, yet keeps the cup where you need it most. light weight AirFlow mesh, combined with our patented internal and external X-Fit gives the athlete a cool, secure and comfortable fit.

x-fit & cup technology

start with a good foundation.

The lower body is a system that starts with your foot. Proper alignment and balance requires the best technology and Shock Doctor Insoles are the most advanced insole today. Shock Doctor Insoles are designed to adapt to all foot shapes and arch heights.