SHOCKSKIN™ Technology

lightweight &
Breathable protective apparel
that moves with you.

When we created ShockSkin™, we had high performance and effective protection in mind. We made it lightweight and low profile with body contouring protective zones, each with anatomically correct fit and flex to allow for absolute freedom of movement. It’s a technology so revolutionary we patented it.

For 2012 we incorporated Pure-Vent™, an exclusive benchmark feature that actually increases the remarkable breathability of ShockSkin™ technology. Pure-Vent provides “direct” air flow through visible vents within ShockSkin™ foam and flex channels to directly transfer hot moist air out, and cool dry air in. Now ShockSkin™ keep athletes even more comfortable during long periods of play.

shockskin™ football

The full contact intensity of football keeps demanding ever-higher levels of impact protection. ShockSkin™ and new ShockSkin Pure-Vent have been designed to meet this demand. Here’s cool, breathable impact protection designed to compliment and enhance your primary protection. It features anatomically correct flex points that allow ShockSkin™ to naturally contour to your body and stay in place while offering unobstructed full range of motion for maximum speed and endurance.

ShockSkin™ for goalies.
we’re helping to keep the hurt out.

ShockSkin’s breakthrough technology adds confidence and confidence makes goaltenders bolder and better. ShockSkin for goalies is uniquely integrated with their regular gear to protect the gaps left behind (we can’t do anything about the 5-hole). Goaltenders constantly put themselves into awkward, exposed positions; ShockSkin minimizes the odds that anyone will “score” a painful shot, while maximizing confidence. Time to shut-out the pain.

ShockSkin™ for baseball, basketball,
MMA and lacrosse.

This year, ShockSkin™ is available not for only football, hockey and lacrosse, but basketball, baseball, and MMA as well. Each design puts the right amount of protection exactly where each sport demands, and keeps it there. Now, your protection moves as you move no matter what game you play.


patented ShockSkin™ technology.

Integrated fabric and foam moves naturally with the body. Unlike other base layer foam that is glued to the fabric, ShockSkin’s individual pieces of protective foam are secured by High-Frequency fabric seams.

ShockSkin™ is designed to contour over shoulders, ribs, thighs, hips and other complex zones while the body is in motion. And because its multi-density foam is free-floating and ventilated, ShockSkin™ transfers moisture away from the body to help keep athletes cool as it protects.

shockskin™ pure-vent

Integrated with AirFlow technologies, ShockSkin Pure-Vent adds additional venting within the protective padding and flex channels. The system directly transfers hot moist air out and cool dry air in to keep athletes even more comfortable even during long periods of play.

shockskin™ hockey

Wearing protective gear you trust helps you get in the zone. That’s the undistracted mental state where you’re totally focused on the puck, your teammates and your performance. This requires protection that’s precisely focused on the unique impact forces of the game, yet is light, cool and comfortable enough to let you be as aggressive as possible.