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It's not unusual to hear people say that a strong back is the key attribute for any MMA fighter, given the area is the foundation for a competitor's core. Building strength in the posterior chain and hips assists explosive movements powered by locomotion. If you have ever witnessed a competitor driving his shoulder into an opponent's abdomen for a take-down, that is the posterior chain at work. Moreover, having a strong foundation will allow you to perform manoeuvres such as lifting and throwing a fighter, and keep you upright when an opponent is trying to pull you to the ground. This is why many MMA fighters practice dead-lifts with the weights in front of them, as it keeps the resistance in the same general area as where your opponent would engage you.

At the same time, putting undue strain on your back can result in injuries that could cause irrevocable damage. Whether you are recovering from a minor back injury or looking to prevent one, the Shock Doctor Deluxe Back Support will help you maintain peak performance without sacrificing comfort or safety.

Comfort and Protection

Deluxe Back Support is a performance level 2 product, the features include an easy to wear velcro strap, meaning the brace is adjustable to fit your ideal comfort level. The low profile front is designed for maximum comfort, while the sizable rear provides increased stability and protection. The rear section is made with a premium elastic material for compression support, and the ventilated rope straps quickly rids the brace of moisture and odour-causing bacteria. The dual straps taper to the front to allow for the low profile, a rather ingenious way of covering a large surface area in the back without creating a cumbersome front.

No-Slip Lumbar Pad

Two integrated supports help increase stability to the lower back, while the terry lined lumbar pad wicks moisture and offers extreme comfort. The best feature of the Deluxe Back Support is the silicon grippers that fringe the lumbar pad. This ensure the support pad will stay in place, even as you jostle and grapple with your opponent. Finally, lycra binding is used as part of the premium finishing, which ensures a durable product that you will be able to use for years.

Therapy and Healing

The N-Tex Neoprene construction provides moisture wicking and therapeutic healing unrivaled in sports medicine products. The anti-microbial technology is integrated into the fabric, providing maximum health and comfort for the user.
The back and posterior chain is a critical part of an MMA fighter's explosiveness. Keeping that area healthy and functioning at peak performance can be difference between winning and losing a tight match. Shock Doctor's Deluxe Back Support keeps you at the top of your game even by helping you maintain a strong foundation.


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