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The Gel Nano mouth guard is a mid-low profile design that is one of the most popular mouth guards on the market today.  The firm outer monocoque chassis supplies the strength and durability to protect the jaw from impact, while the internal gel fit system ensures a comfortable but tight fit, with maximum retention throughout the life of the mouth guard. 

Key features include the gel liner, which after being warmed and softened, molds to the shape of your teeth as it cools.  The monocoque semi-rigid Shock Transfer Core offers the ultimate protection and fit, while at the same time providing maximum jaw stability and comfort.  The compact size makes for easier speaking and breathing, while the tri-bite design balances the bite for more comfort and stabilises the upper and lower bite surfaces.  For applicable sports, the mouth guard also includes a convertible tether. 


  • Shock Transfer Core - Offers jaw joint and concussion protection
  • Mandibular Orthopedic Repositioning Appliance (MORA) performance enhancement - May increase performance and strength across a wide variety of sports.  When worn and fitted properly, the Shock Doctor Gel Nano mouth guard positions the lower jaw down and forward, with the tongue placed up toward the roof of the mouth.  This provides improved breathing, comfort, and stability in the jaw area, ideal for contact sports such as mixed martial arts.
  • Monocoque Shock Frame - Vertical wall extensions protect the jaw and teeth from injury related to martial arts combat and other high velocity impact
  • Patented form - Compact size, lateral jaw stabilisers, air-cushioned shock absorption, and compression fit system


The proprietary technology used in the Shock Doctor Gel Nano Mouth Guard ensures maximum comfort and protection for mixed martial arts combat as well as other high impact athletics. The compact size and MORA positioning also may increase strength and performance, making it the preferred mouth guard for world class athletes.





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