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A comfortable and properly fitted mouthguard is an essential piece of equipment for any athlete. It can reduce the risk of injury or trauma to the jaw, teeth, and head, improve breathing, and even improve efficiency. Regardless, the importance of the mouthguard is often overlooked when atheletes choose their gear. It is even more essential for younger athletes, given the protection it provides to areas that are still developing.

Shock Doctor has provided a variety of technological innovations with respect to mouthguards, and is currently one of the leading names in sports medicine.


Athletes with braces often feel they cannot compete in high risk sports due to the potential damage to their dental work. However, Shock Doctor's Double Mouth Guard for braces fits naturally over the surface of your teeth, even after adjustments are made to the braces. The specialized breathing channels help promote air circulation and ensure you are never struggling for breath.

Manufactured out of silicone, the mouth guard comes with both a lower and upper piece, with the two hinged together in the rear.


For the ultimate in jaw protection, Shock Doctor offers the Double Nano Fight Mouth Guard. With a lower profile than the alternatives, this model is designed to instantly absorb impact and disperse it across the rest of the mouth area.

This revolutionary design mitigates the impact on your jaw while simultaneously providing integrated breathing channels for better performance and comfort.


Shock Doctor's Gel Max Mout Guard is designed to provide the maximum level of comfort and support by form-fitting to the shape of your teeth. This light, supportive fit boasts a rubber shock frame and integrated jaw pads, giving you better stability and protection for the jaw and brain, while still better breathing channels than their competitors.


This particular model is engineered to provide better protection for the side of the mouth. Athletes looking to maximize this area of the jaw should consider using the Gel Nano.


The Power Gel STC is a mouth guard engineered to dispel frontal blows and strikes. The mouth guard directs the force of the blow to the rear molars, which helps stabilize the impact and safeguard the weakest area of your mouth.

Furthermore, the mouth guard positions the tongue pointed upward to the roof of your mouth in order to maximize breathing and comfort.


Shock Doctor also offers a single braces mouth guard for those who need protection for only the upper teeth.

The mouth guard is engineered to naturally adapt to the shape of your braces, providing an optimal fit that is comfortable to wear. Made from high grade silicone, the mouth guard is also one of the safest on the market.

Ultra STC Mouth Guard


The Ultra STC is the top model available from Shock Doctor. This mouth guard is equipped with special air cushion shock pads which produces a spring-like effect in the jaw. The additional cushion gives the wearer superior comfort and much better fit without sacrificing protection.

The guard also comes with a convertible tether, giving you the option of using it with or without a strap. With a multitude of options to choose from, you can be assured of finding a mouth guard that best fits your particular needs.



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