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Knee Protection and Performance


The Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Support with Bilateral Hinges is a product designed to protect the knee and enhance its recovery through heat therapy.  The patented Lycra and N-Tex technology offers additional warmth and moisture wicking for moderate to major injuries.  The bilateral support hinges are used in conjuction with tempered aluminum stays which ultimate create more stability when performing strenuous activities such as mixed martial arts.  The protective padding in the kneecap area absorbs shock and prevents damage to not only the patella but the underlying parts.

However, it would be a mistake to imply that Shock Doctor's Ultra Knee Support with Bilateral Hinges is only about protection.  The product is stitched with special fabrics to improve lateral movement and conform to the contour of your knee.  This means no restriction of movement and increased comfort.  The moisture wicking and anti-microbial fibres keeps the area free of bacteria and other disease causing agents.  The durable Lycra ensures that the brace won't tear or rip, and the convenient finger tabs allow for easy application.

   •   Performance Grade 3 for Medium stability, protection and recovery
   •   Ideal for Moderate to Major injuries
   •   Bilateral hinges and aluminium stays
   •   X-fit retention system for added comfort and security
   •   Patella padding for kneecap safety
   •   Lycra and N-Tex technology for heat therapy and moisture wicking
   •   Anti-Microbial fibres for odour elimination

Advancement Through Technology

With their line of knee supports and braces, Shock Doctor continues to make good on its pledge to bring superior products that do not sacrifice performance for comfort or comfort for performance.  Along with protection and recovery, their products attempt to maximise the areas that athletes value most.  The company achieves this goal by gathering input from all phases of sports medicine.  They scour scientific research on new materials to improve recovery and comfort, and they talk with trainers and athletes on how the products they produce perform on the field or in the ring.  

The standard for performance in athletics and training has risen with each generation, and as that standard elevates, so does the bar for better protection, recovery, and comfort in sports apparel.  Shock Doctor allows athletes of all types to perform at a level they are accustomed to and recover at a pace that astounds them.

Who is Shock Doctor?

Shock Doctor is one of the most recognisable names in the sports therapy industry and it is easy to see why.  Constantly innovating in both the lab and on the field, Shock Doctor has taken the unique approach of combining scientific breakthroughs with feedback and advice from athletes, fitness experts, and professional trainers.  The result is sports apparel that features the latest in medical advancements built together with material that is both comfortable and nonrestrictive.  In short, Shock Doctor has created a line of protective braces and gear that allows an injured athlete to perform at a high level while improving their chances of a full recovery.  This is all part of the company's greater theme to work smarter, not harder.

Make sure to always consult a doctor before using a Ultra Knee Support with Bilateral Hinges.


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