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Since inception, Shock Doctor Sports Therapy has remained faithful to the objective of creating support apparel that maximises recovery while still allowing you to perform at the level you are accustomed to.  This is achieved through an astounding 48 different technological patents, from the Monocoque Shock-Frame and Tri-Bite mouthguards to the compression sleeves loaded with X-Fit and ShockSkin. 

As a result, Shock Doctor holds the title as the market leader in protective gear and apparel.

A Unique Approach

Shock Doctor continuously gathers input from both the trainers, physical therapists, athletes and coaches on the field as well as the scientists and engineers in the lab.  The result is a new standard for both performance and protection, with progressive levels of therapy and effectiveness to deal with both minor and moderate injuries. 

Shock Doctor Products


  • Knee Braces, Supports and Sleeves.
  • Ankle Supports and Sleeves
  • Back Supports
  • Leg Braces, Sleeves and Wraps
  • Shoulder Wraps and Support
  • Wrist Wraps and Support



    Modern athletes play harder and faster than previous generations.  As the standard for performance rises, so does the need for better protection and recuperation.  Shock Doctor seeks to advance the standard of sports medicine and support apparel through its innovative line of products, to allow athletes to play harder and smarter than ever before.

    The full Australian range is available here





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