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Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth guards

Shock Doctor has a great line of mouth guard, but one of their best product is arguably the Gel Max model. Although this mouthpiece is their most basic form of protection, the Gel Max Mouthguard includes all of the technology necessary to give athletes who compete at a high level the utmost protection. The Gel Max model has several unique features that make it not only comfortable, but also as protective as they come.

The Gel Max mouthguard has a GEL-FIT™ LINER that allows for the user to custom mold the mouthguard to their teeth. This gives the user a tight and comfortable fit by providing the ability to take a precise impression of the teeth. This is made possible by the alternating layers of both external and internal gel that the mouthguard is made of. This promotes both increased retention of the mold as well as the maximum protection that is made possible by the other unique features of the guard.

This product also has an EXOSKELETAL SHOCK FRAME, which is made of a thick rubber that has integrated jaw pads to provide the best impact protection for the not only the mouth and jaw, but also the brain. The shock frame absorbs shock to the highest degree possible due to the more pliable core that lies within a third layer of conformable gel. This is similar to the GEL FIT™ LINER in that the teeth can be molded into the mouthguard for the best fit possible. The product also includes a TRIPLE-LAYER DESIGN with a breathing channel to ensure its user the best fit and comfort.

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth guards

clearly have the necessary technology to give athletes the best protection. Anyone who competes in high-contact sports such as football, hockey, or lacrosse, as well as those who fight in MMA or any genre or martial arts will find that the Gel Max mouthguard will be suitable for their needs. As Shock Doctor takes great pride in their line of work just as athletes do, the products that are manufactured are designed with the same thought process: to be the best.


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