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One piece of equipment that’s a must for a number of sports is a properly fitting mouth guard. Yet, this is one piece of equipment that many athletes are not giving the attention that it deserves and as such, are not protecting their teeth as well as they should.

A mouth guard is not only going to help provide good dental protection, but in addition to that, it will also help to protect your jaw and brain as well.

The Shock Doctor mouth protection options offer top of the line protection and have been specifically designed for those who are participating in martial arts or other extreme fighting varieties.

These mouth guards will stand up to even the strongest of direct blows and also provide superior protection from the sides of the face as well.

With a number of different options to choose from, their line of products in unmatched by any other brand. Regardless of the size of your face or whether or not you wear braces, you can find a mouth protection that is right for you.

Let’s look at some of the options offered by Shock Doctor.

Double Mouth Guard For Braces

This mouth guard is perfect for those who have braces and will adjust to fit your moth naturally, even if braces adjustments are made. It contains breathing channels that help the air circulate throughout the guard so you’re never struggling to catch your breath.

Made of silicone, this mouth guard has both an upper and lower piece, which are hinged together at the back.

Double Nano Fight Mouth Guard

This model is designed to really enhance your jaw protection and offers a lower profile than other options.

This guard instantly absorbs impact and disperses it throughout the mouth to lessen the blow.  It also has integrated breathing channels for optimal comfort.

Gel Max Mouth Guard

The Gel Max mouth guard is going to provide custom designed support for your teeth using a light, yet supportive fit. It consists of a rubber shock frame and integrated jaw pads, which offer both protection for the jaw as well as the brain.

It’s still very breathable, so you’ll experience nothing but top level comfort when using this guard.

Gel Nano Mouth Guard

This piece is designed to primarily focus on side mouth protection, so if this is where you need the most support, it’s the product to turn to.

Power Gel STC Mouth Guard

This mouth guard is going to help to direct the force of a blow away from the front teeth and more towards the back molars to help stabilize the hit and protect the weakest area of your mouth.

This guard also positions the tongue up to the roof of your mouth, offering superior comfort and fit.

Single Braces Mouth Guard

If you would prefer just having a mouth protection on the upper portion of your teeth, this is the perfect solution for those with braces.

Designed to naturally fit and adapt to the shape of your braces, all users will experience maximum comfort with this guard. It’s made from silicone, so is one of the safest guards to be using.

Ultra STC Mouth Guard

This top model mouth guard contains special air cushion shock pads that will help to provide a spring-effect for the jaw and allow for a much more comfortable fit while still providing optimal protection.

This guard also contains a convertible tether, which will allow you to use it strapped or strapless.

So make sure that you spend some time looking into your mouth guard options and not buying the first product you come across.

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So Choosing Your Best Mouth Guard must must be difficult.



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